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When is Pet Radiology Needed? Common Conditions Diagnosed with Imaging

As a loving pet owner, you want to ensure your furry companion receives the best possible care. One crucial aspect of veterinary medicine is radiology, which plays a vital role in diagnosing and treating various conditions in pets.

Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in Palo Alto, CA

As a dog owner, you may understand the importance of finding places where your canine companion can freely sniff, explore, and stretch their legs. In Palo Alto, there is a myriad of trails that not only allow but welcome dogs

Protecting Your Pet From Heatwave

Mountain View, California, is a city known for its beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. However, like any other city, it is not exempt from extreme weather conditions such as heatwaves.

Finding the Best Veterinarian in Mountain View, California

The American Veterinary Medical Association always reminds pet parents in Mountain View, California, to find the best veterinarian in their area. Choosing the most suitable vet involves using the same criteria that you would use in selecting a doctor for your family. It may take some time, but your efforts will be worth it.

The Benefits of Visiting Dog Parks in El Camino Real, California

Dog parks are among the best places for dogs to socialize and have fun. In El Camino Real, California, you will find several dog parks to take your furry friends to for a day out.

Springtime Parasite Prevention for Your Pets

We understand the love and care you have for your furry friends. As the warmer months approach, it's crucial to protect them from common parasites like fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

Pet-friendly Activities to Do in Mountain View, California Year-round

Most pet owners in Mountain View, California, consider it a pet-friendly city. Pets are welcome in several parks and outdoor spaces throughout the city, and many businesses, cafes, and restaurants do as well. There are several pet-friendly hotels, rental properties, and apartments. 

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