Veterinary Services in Mountain View, CA

We are committed to providing quality Veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service.


Pet/Animal Wellness

Wellness Visits (Vaccines, Annual blood work)

We encourage our patients to visit us annually. We advocate annual visits for vaccine updates, annual wellness blood work, and of course to establish long-standing care.

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Pet/Animal Walk-ins

Non-wellness Visits

For those unforeseen illnesses such as ear infections, skin infections, vomiting/diarrhea, and soft tissue injuries- we want to make sure our patients are seeing their regular veterinarian for illness as we know them best!

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Anesthesia Procedures

Routine dental cleanings, dental cleanings for tooth extractions, spays and neuters, and some emergent and non-routine surgeries. We want to provide care for our patients no matter what their needs or life stages they are in.

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Pet/Animal Surgery


In addition to spaying and neutering services, Alpine offers comprehensive soft-tissue surgical care. Physical examination along with pre-anesthetic blood evaluation is performed to make sure your pet is healthy prior to general anesthesia.

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Pet/Animal Radiology


We offer in-house imaging for radiographs. We can easily take radiographs to find fractures, foreign body ingestion, or routine imaging. We practice safe techniques to ensure minimal exposure to both your pets and our team.

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Pet/Animal Mobile Cardiologist

Mobile Cardiologist/Radiologist for Ultrasound

We work closely with two well-known board-certified specialists who can travel to our hospital for ultrasounds and/or cardio workups when recommended by our veterinarians.

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Pet/Animal Dentistry


Our dental services include teeth cleaning and polishing, fluoride treatment, tooth extractions, digital full mouth radiographs, and oral surgery.

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Pet/Animal Emergencies


We welcome any pet parent who's concerned for their pet's health on an urgent or emergency basis. We have the ability to triage and stabilize your pet and make a well-educated decision to hospitalize your pet or work with our local specialists for further care.

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