Pet-friendly Activities to Do in Mountain View, California Year-round

Most pet owners in Mountain View, California, consider it a pet-friendly city. Pets are welcome in several parks and outdoor spaces throughout the city, and many businesses, cafes, and restaurants do as well. There are several pet-friendly hotels, rental properties, and apartments. 


Benefits of Engaging in Pet-friendly Activities

Participating in pet-friendly activities can benefit you and your pet in various ways. It can allow you to bond with your animal companion while keeping both of you physically active. Such activities enable your pet to socialize with other animals, helping prevent behavioral issues.

Pet-friendly activities can benefit your mental health. That is because spending time with your beloved pet can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Also, participating in these activities is an excellent way to meet other pet owners and make new friends. Participating in pet-friendly activities can be a rewarding and fun experience for you and your pet.


What Can You Do With Your Pet in Mountain View, CA?

When you own a pet, they must have access to outdoor spaces. It can be difficult to provide them with the necessary exercise and stimulation if you live in a small house or apartment. That is why it is critical to be aware of pet-friendly activities and places to visit in your area. 

While you can make your home more pet-friendly by installing appropriate flooring or even selecting the right breed for your living situation, nothing beats spending quality time with your furry friend outdoors. You can keep them happy, healthy, and well-behaved by participating in pet-friendly activities and visiting pet-friendly locations. Some of these activities include the following:


Visit the Park

Taking your furry friend to one of the city's many dog parks, such as the Shoreline Dog Park or the Sylvan Park Dog Run, is an excellent way for them to socialize with other dogs while also burning off some energy. These parks have off-leash areas where dogs can run around and play.


Go to the Beach

A day at a pet-friendly beach, such as the Half Moon Bay State Beach, or San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, is a great way to spend time with your animal companion. Both beaches welcome dogs on leashes and provide opportunities to enjoy the sand and surf.


Visit the Farmers' Market

Do you want to spend time with your furry friend and support local farmers simultaneously? If so, take your dog to the Mountain View Farmers' Market. The market, held on Sunday mornings, allows well-behaved dogs on leashes and sells fresh produce, baked goods, and other items.


Participate in a Pet-friendly Festival or Event

Popular events, such as the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival or the Silicon Valley Pet Show, are an excellent way to spend quality time with your pet while meeting other pet owners. These gatherings frequently include various activities, entertainment, and vendor booths.


Go Out for a Meal 

Taking your pet to a pet-friendly restaurant or café is a great way to spend time together. Many of the area's restaurants and cafes have outdoor seating areas where pets are welcome.



The Shoreline Dog Park, the Stevens Creek Trail, and the Mountain View Farmers' Market are all popular pet-friendly attractions in the area. If you intend to visit or relocate to Mountain View with your pet, always check the specific policies of any businesses, hotels, or rental properties. That is because some may have different rules regarding pets.

For more about pet-friendly activities to do in Mountain View, visit Alpine Animal Hospital at our Mountain View, California office. Call (650) 969-8555 to schedule an appointment today.

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